Retail. Food manufacturing. Supply chains. Connecting the right people for business growth.


The team at Prof. Recruitment are industry specialists focused on building strong relationships that help retail and food manufacturing businesses thrive. Our global network and consultancy arm keep us connected with inspiring business leaders and exceptionally talented people all over the world.


We are opportunity makers.

We are not just another recruiter. We’re here to create opportunities for businesses looking to grow and experienced individuals looking to excel in their careers. Our innovative strategies challenge traditions and drive results by understanding the high-pressured, dynamic FMCG retail and manufacturing markets, and remaining connected with the best people for the ultimate commercial outcomes.

“We are a compassionate team with decades of experience working at all levels. From developing graduates into new roles to building site, divisional, national and international teams – we won’t stop until we have built a tight-knit team able to support rapid business growth and strengthen your commercial reputation.”

Mark Field, Founder

No square pegs in round holes.

Over three decades of industry knowledge and experience in retail, food manufacturing and supply chains means that our understanding of roles and relevant requirements is second to none. We build high-performance, world-class teams across every facet of the industry and have more than likely performed similar roles ourselves. We make introductions based on a deep understanding of the specific skills and experience required for each role – and we only ever do so for the perfect fit.

Trust, compassion and growth.

We only work with those we trust and those we admire, which holds us accountable for placing the highest calibre professionals with organisations that share the same values. We understand that every role is different, as is every candidate, but our process is mandatory and ensures the most seamless and effective result for all:

We know food.

We know people.

We know recruitment.

Our global network and extensive industry experience are the perfect combination for connecting all the right people in all the right places. Accelerating business growth is about creating a team that grows and evolves with you. That’s how we work and it’s how we can help you.

Our partner consulting group is here to help accelerate your businesses growth. We specialise in Private Equity & Venture Capital, Product Innovation, Supply Chain Solutions, Agriculture & Food Research, Global Imports, Business Coaching and Public Speaking.

Ready to grow?